Product Descriptions


100% specialty grade non-GMO high-grown Arabica coffee. Each 10 oz bag makes 40 servings.

Breakfast Blend - Central and South American coffees lightly roasted together to form a blend that is light, bright, and packs a kick. Wake up to our Breakfast Blend and savor your first cup of the day. Also comes in decaf.

Butterscotch Toffee - A butterscotch caramel creme flavor lightly spiced with a hint of rum.

French Roast - An excellent coffee for those who prefer a smooth, balanced, dark brew.

French Vanilla - You’ll love the incredible aroma and rich smooth vanilla flavor.

Hazelnut - Flavored with creamy hazelnut for a wonderful treat without the calories.

Jamaican Me Crazy - Bestseller! A delicious exotic blend of caramel, vanilla, and kahlua flavors. Also comes in decaf, whole bean, and K-cups.

Java Joe’s Blend - A medium bodied coffee blended from the best Central and South American coffees roasted between Full City and Vienna. Also comes in whole bean and K-cups.

Rainforest Caramel Crunch - Creamy caramel with a touch of almond.

Snickerdoodle - Remember Grandma’s cookies? This is our medium roasted coffee infused with cinnamon and rich hazelnut.

Southern Pecan - We’ve captured the characteristic buttery down home taste of Georgia pecans in our coffee.



Individually wrapped 20 count teabag sachets.

Organic Chamomile -  Our carefully gathered beautiful golden organic Camomile flowers are gently tumbled together to help you find that peaceful moment again. Camomile relieves inflammation, soothes and relaxes. Naturally caffeine-free. Individually wrapped 20 count teabag sachets. 

Organic English Breakfast -  Whole black tea leaves from India and East Africa are blended to make a strong malty tea that is sure to pick you up.  ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED.  


Specialty Beverages
Makes 6-7 servings each

Mocha Frappe - The richness of estate-grown 100% Arabica coffee and premium chocolate scrumptiously blended frozen or served hot. Add caramel and whipped cream - Wow!

Caramel Latte Frappe - Add ice to create a creamy buttery sweet drink. Add a splash of whip cream! Caramel lovers, enjoy!

Premium Hot Cocoa - Chocolate lovers rejoice at the exceptionally rich and creamy experience that our premium hot cocoa delivers.

Vanilla Chai - A low-fat creamy vanilla spiced tea mix blending Madagascar vanilla, cardamom, clove, ginger, wildflower honey and estate-grown Darjeeling black tea.

Smoothies - Choose strawberries or any fruit you wish. Our exotic vanilla mix makes the perfect non-fat base. Add ice, milk, and blend. Yummy!


Marshmallow Treats
An ooey-gooey-er extra-large version of the famous cereal treats with flavor throughout! Individually wrapped. Overall size is 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" for four servings each. 

Chocolate Sandwich Cookie - With pieces of your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie in every bite!  

Chocolate Crispies - Made with chocolate crispie rice cereal! 

Cookie Dough - Bites of delicious chocolate chip cookie dough throughout! 

Cotton Candy - Made with the flavor of the sweet pink fluff you remember from the state fair! 


Non-Frozen Baking Mixes

Grandma's Homestyle Brownie Mix - Moist, fudge brownies, super dark from Dutch processed cocoa, with white and milk chocolate chips. (Yields Approx. 2 lbs. /2-8x9" pans)

Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix - Old-to-new-again favorite oatmeal cookie combining the natural sweetness of dark raisins with brown sugar and cinnamon. (Yields Approx. 2lbs /36 Cookies)

Triple Chocolate Chip Mix - The ultimate chocolate chip cookie with three -- count 'em -- three kinds of chocolate chips in the mix. (Yields Approx. 2lbs. /36 Cookies)

Gluten-Free Brownie Mix - So chocolately, so moist, so dense and delicious, you’ll actually forget about those *other* brownies you had before. Makes 1 8×8ʺ pan of thick chocolatey goodness.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - Gooey and delicious – the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted! 1lb bag. Contains milk and soy.

Gluten-Free Lemon Cupcake Mix - This is the stuff cupcake dreams are made of. These cupcakes bake up fresh, moist, and so lemony delicious you’ll swear they just fell off the bakery truck. Includes a recipe for lemon cream cheese icing. Contains Milk. Makes : 12 regular cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes.