Coffee Fundraising to Help Your Organization Raise Money

Java Joe's Fundraising is a fantastic way for schools, sports teams and organizations to raise money.

With a wide variety of delicious coffee blends and gourmet snacks to choose from, supporters can easily find something they love.

Not only do participants get to enjoy high quality products, but they also get to support your good cause. Using our new Virtual Fundraising App is quick and easy.

By partnering with Java Joe's Fundraising, your group can raise funds quickly and efficiently, all while promoting community engagement and teamwork!

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  • Sell the traditional way, using our full color brochures, collect the funds up front and place a group order for distribution...

  • Or set up your fundraiser in less than five minutes on the Java Joe's App - available for iPhone and Android.

  • Your Sellers create their own personal "Coffee Shop" and share the link with friends and family anywhere in the USA!

  • Orders are shipped directly to the buyers - no sorting or delivery hassles. And your group keeps 40% of the profits!

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